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Passionate about improving the web for people, places, and things?

Are you a Go-Getter and Do-Gooder who's ready to help us build hands-on?

WebBadge is formalizing a team of technical founding members and business development partners who are excited to invent the future and change the world for the better focusing on the democratization of online digital badges for data authentication. Reach out if you're interested in helping, co-developing, or joining our waitlist. We also have Microsoft Teams, Discord, and Slack channels.

Roles we are currently in need of include:
1) Back-end/API Developers
2) Front-end Developers
3) Full-stack Developers*
4) Native iOS Developers
5) Native Android Developers
6) Cross-platform Mobile/Web Developers*

*ASP.NET Core and C# experience preferred

Connect with our founder directly and let him know what you're about, what you're looking for, and what you want to work on (even if not listed above).

LinkedIn  |  𝕏 (Twitter)  |  Threads | mitchell@webbadge.com

Expect talented, motivated, intense, and interesting co-workers with professional integrity and purpose to make contributions that responsibly serve humanity and respect digital rights. Compensation will include meaningful equity ownership.

WebBadge Community

Imagine having a more trustworthy web and the possibilities we can unlock together with online digital badges.

Founding Culture

1) Leadership, board, and "conscious brand" led culture, however, culture is everyone's responsibility to add/grow/build/improve.
2) Gender parity on cap table, board, and leadership.
3) Diversity of minds is greater than diversity in mind.
4) Do well by doing good.
5) Culture of fairness and respect.
6) Culture of innovation, high quality contribution, and recognition.
7) Culture that matches our product value proposition for our users and customers.
8) Culture of self-learning, self-motivation, and an attitude of gratitude.
9) Be professional at work, responsible at home, and yourself everywhere.
10) Try hard, have fun!

San Diego

Join the team and help make us one of the best startups to work for!

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