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Collectively authenticate across the web for seamless experiences and peace of mind.

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Passionate about improving the web for people, places, and things?

Are you a Go-Getter and Do-Gooder who's ready to help us build hands-on?

WebBadge is formalizing a team of technical founding members and business development partners who are excited to invent the future and change the world for the better focusing on the democratization of online digital badges for data authentication. Reach out if you're interested in helping, co-developing, or joining our waitlist. We also have Microsoft Teams, Discord, and Slack channels.

Connect with our founder directly and let him know what you're about, what you're looking for, and what you want to work on.

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Imagine having a more trustworthy web and the possibilities we can unlock together with online digital badges.

International Awards, Recognitions, and Initial Validations.

Webby Award Honoree 2019The Lovie Awards Shortlisted 2019Davey Awards Silver Winner 15th Annual

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NEW! 2024 Pitch Deck available upon request.

Help us grow our mission and brand!

Further support our vision for a safer more interoperable web powered by verifiable digital badges for Collective Authenticity and Freedom of Authentication (as with paper). Our mission is to improve and provide data protection and digital privacy to empower both consumers and businesses with greater transparency, control, and peace of mind.

We believe the ability to verify trustworthiness using fun, familiar, and user-friendly digital badges will unlock new experiences and ways to better serve customers, reimagine possibilities, and reinvigorate marketplaces.

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